Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Time Machine: Hand. Staple. Forehead.

From August 28, 2006:

Yahoo sent me a notice that I had violated my terms of service. Of course, they do not tell you WHAT you did. I found out that they have deleted posts from my blog. It is obvious which ones they were, and I imagine it was done because someone was offended by them.

As a result, I am not going to post any entries here until I feel I can do so without risking my Yahoo account. There are other places that I can post comments without censorship...

As of today, I still do not know the exact reason my posts were removed. I know that the ones that were removed were the ones where I reprinted IMs from the clueless. It's my guess that one of them complained, and instead of asking me to do it, Yahoo gutted my blog.

I had a major explosion over this, then decided that I already had other options. If anything, this blog was the result of Yahoo's actions. I didn't post much on 360 beyond this point, and didn't really post anything publicly (I moved my LiveJournal to friends only status not to much after this) until I decided to create this blog. Whos history I will explore later...

I wish I'd kept those conversations, but I did not.

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