Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The English Lesson

It's "girl" not "gurl." The plural is "girls," not "gurlz." And if someone is over eighteen, they're not girls anymore, they are women.

It's "email," not "fe-mail." Or "e-mail," depending on who you ask.

"2" is not the same as "to" or "too," but it is the same as "two."

"Come" and "cum" are not the same thing.

A "trannie" is a gearbox on your car. Calling a transgendered person a "tranny" will either get a laugh or your ass whipped. You have been warned.

If you are texting, abbreviations are acceptable. If you are writing an instant message, a blog post, or an email, they are not.

Every word processor has a spell check function. So do most other text entry programs. Please use them.

typing everything in lowercase worked for e.e. cummings. you are not e.e. cummings. it's an affectation if you use it. that or you're a submissive, in which case, we'll talk...

Yes, I use a lot of ellipses. It's my affectation, live with it. I didn't say I was perfect...

Class dismissed.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time Machine: Just saying, you know?

From March 21,2008:

I use Yahoo Messenger for my IM's, mostly because the vast majority of people I know use it too. And while it's not perfect, it does work. I've also gotten a pretty large "friends" list, too. Most of the people I talk to online are really friends; people who I like and who I have either met in person or hope to someday.

And there's a few who I won't, and wonder why I ever "friended" them. They are Tgirls, who I thought were interesting or who contacted me. But after a while, I have realized their needs and mine are not the same.

See, I'm not a whore. Or a madam. My home isn't a brothel. I am not a dating service, or a tour guide. I don't do charity work for wayward trannies.

So why is it that people want me to:

* Have sex with them, even when they know I'm married.
* Want me to find them someone who'll have sex with them.
* Want to come to my house so I can "entertain" them because they can't in their own home.
* Want me to invite them to come to Dallas and spend time showing them around and "partying."
* Want me to show them how to shop, dress, do makeup, behave, for nothing more than their gratitude.


What reason should I have to break up my relationship for you? Why should I find you a sex partner? Why should I bring a stranger to my home because they're not out to their own spouse? Why should I spend days entertaining you? Why should I teach you when you're not willing to do the work first?

Because we're "sisters?" Honey, we didn't come out of the same womb. Because I somehow owe you? No, I don't. I owe a debt to those who have helped me-for no other reason than they wanted to. They didn't ask for anything in return. And I've helped trannys who asked but didn't grab onto me like a leech when I said "Now you do it."

I'm finding that I am becoming such a cynic.

Oh, there IS a caveat. There are people out there who I'd do anything for. Who I regard as friends, who I care about, and who have shown me kindness through the years. They know me, my life, and would NEVER ask something that I couldn't do. Those people always have an open invitation to my home, and I'd happily play tour guide because I enjoy their company. And I bet those people know who they are, too.

True friends have my heart. The leeches get my stompy boot.

This was a reaction to a series of requests from people who wanted a "friend" but really wanted a f**k buddy or a free makeover. And I just got mad.

Still mean this one, too.

Time Machine: Entry for February 02, 2008

February 2, 2008:

I'm trying not to be jealous, or act like a bitch, however...

Thank you all for telling me about your adventures and plans to attend all these fabulous events. And when I tell you I can't go to any of these or meet up with you because a) I have no job and b) I have no disposable income, I'm being honest. Go, have fun, but I can't, sorry.

Now fuck of and die, okay?
(just kidding)

I was having some issues, and about this time some "friends" were bragging about their trips and adventures and kept commenting how I did not seem to be getting out much. The reason was that I was not working and didn't have the money to blow on stuff. And I got a bit irritated, so...

I still mean it, though.