Friday, March 25, 2011

The Con Game

Went to All-Con last weekend, which is an anime/sci-fi/fantasy/etc. convention in Addison. An anime con is sort of like going to SCC-lots of people with a common interest that the general public don't really understand, dressing in outfits that range from beautiful to "What were you thinking?" with seminars and events. Though that's probably not a great analogy...

I went for the Saturday session; I was invited to be a judge an Anime Maid Competition. No, I didn't know what that entailed, either. Going to a con, you dress for comfort or you cosplay your heart out. I went for comfort-black pullover 3/4 sleeve top, black knee-length skirt with tulle trim, black knee-high combat-style boots (which I haven't worn in ages, dammit!) over black and white striped socks. Oh, and a red leopard-print corset from Timeless Trends. Yes, at this place it's casual and I just got it and wanted to wear it out, okay?

The contest was actually a lot of fun to watch and judge. There were two contests, actually. The first part was a look/portrayal contest, where you were supposed to look and act like an anime character. The second part involved hiding a table setting around the room and having to find it and put things back in place. That part was hilarious!

Afterward, I and a couple of friends went out to lunch and catch up. I then got to see a friend's apartment that she's using for her dressing/makeover business. I have to say it's a great place, and I wish her the best. Back to the hotel to hit the vendor's room; got a t-shirt and that's all this time. I didn't stay too late, wanted to get home and get dinner for everyone.

This was the first time I'd been out in the daylight since SCC. And I miss getting out and going to the shops or lunch or just doing stuff. I think I need to start getting back into practice. Also, my birthday was Monday; lots of good wishes and greetings, which were nice.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Filling in the gaps

It's been a while since I caught up, but I can't say it's been exciting. I have been out a few times, but it's been dinner at The Bronx and go to S4 afterward. Sometimes there's lots of girls, other times just a few. I wouldn't go to S4 it I wasn't meeting people, though. Although, I have met some new people there, even given them the address to the Dallas Feminine Expressions Meetup webpage. It's probably the best way to find out who is going out and what events are happening. With Metroplex CD Group now dead, and GEAR* no longer doing monthly regularly-scheduled meetings, I don't know how someone who was new to the area would find people. There is a Tri-Ess group in Ft. Worth, but since I'm not a hetrosexual crossdresser I'm not really their kind of girl...

Coming up? There's an anime convention in a couple of weeks that I've been invited to go to; will say more about this later. I do want to get back out to the goth clubs again. There's Panopticon on Fridays, and The Church on Thursdays and Sundays. I've got a few people interested in doing a Sunday night on a Monday holiday weekend; I'm not so picky.

*The Resource Center Dallas has not updated the GEAR page recently; it still lists the mixer.