Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time Machine: Read this before you IM me

This was one of those posts created out of frustration. I was going through a period when I was being bombarded by stupid, horny men who thought I was just as stupid and horny as they were. So, I got my poison pen out and got creative...From January 24, 2006.

Do not send me a picture of your penis. I know what a penis looks like, and mine's nicer.

Yes, that means I am an-ohmygawd-crossdresser/transvestite/transgendered/tranny/etc. If this shocks you, then you probably don't want to talk to me.

Do not ask "asl" because that means you haven't looked, have you? But for the slow learners out there: fortysomething/yes, but not with you/in front of my computer

Yes, I am beautiful. Fabulous, even. Thank you for saying so.

Yes, I am a Dominant. No, you may not call me "Mistress."

I have lots of pictures of myself-but you're not going to see them.

I am dressed; I rarely use the computer when I am nude.

No, I will not get dressed up so you can see me on webcam.

Do not "ding" me. It just annoys me.

On average, you have fifteen seconds to make an impression on me. Or less.

I know how to block people. I do it a lot.

Get the point?

Oh, and if you are truly stupid, I'll post copies of your messages on my blog. Right here. Just because I can.

That last bit got me into trouble with Yahoo's Thought Police. I was censured for reposting my favorite stupid IM's, which were removed by Yahoo, and the beginning of the end of my posting to my 360 blog. This was also the most-responded to entry.

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  1. LMFAO!!! You go girl!

    I really don't understand why Yahoo is committing this slow suicide, but I've abandoned all things Yahoo as a result of their treatment of 360 and the people there. I'm beginning to suspect they are Mormon owned....

    ASL...I still don't know or care what it stands for; is there any more concrete indication of a shallow, bottom-trolling waste of skin??

    Oh, and I thought I was the only one who REALLY HATED 'dings'!!

    For some time I participated heavily in a few 'adult' dating sites. I knew it was going to be a meat-market going in, but I had no idea how few 'adults' I'd really find there. It was an endless littany of exactly what you describe; frustrated, immature, horny married men looking to indulge their tranny-porn fantasies. There were a few gems in the field and I did get some personal growth out of it all; the biggest thing I learned is that I REALLY wasn't a guy. But in the end it was just a soul-sucking excursion into testosterone land that gave me a healthy appreciation for the worst of what women put up with.

    I'd LOVE to see a repeat of those 'stupidest of' blogs, LOL!!


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