Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time Machine: Just a little survey

A little survey I took, from November 2, 2005.

About You
Do you use hormones?No
Have you (or do you plan to) get surgery?I've thought about it, but I don't know if I will
What is your female name?Zelda Rose
Are you straight, gay or bi?I consider myself a lesbian with bi tendencies
Do you consider yourself a male or female?Yes
Do you cross-dress for a sexual thrill?Not anymore
Do you read gay or straight porn?I don't really read porn
Do you have other fetishes?This isin't a fetish, and my fetishes are numerous
Are you a closet CD or have you come out?Out, but not to everyone
Could you pass for a woman?What do you think?
Favorite artcle of women's clothingCorsets
Favorite purseCraig Morrison spikey latex heart-shaped backpack
Faveorite pair of women's shoesBlack leather knee-high dress boots
Favorite kind of lingerieLacy
Favorite brand of make-upMAC!
Favorite brand of hoseLevante
Forget boxers and briefs! Panties or thongs?Panties
Thigh highs, knee highs or pantyhose?Thigh-high stockings
Skirts or dresses?Skirts
Bra or bustier?Bra
Tanga or boy shorts?Tanga
If you cross-dress at the beach, bikini or 1-piece?Victorian bathing costume
Night out with girl friends or CD friends?Either

I made a couple of small changes, but for the most it's the same answers I gave back then. Wonder what that means...

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  1. I think it means you've known, and been happy with, who you are for a bit longer than I have :-)


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