Friday, May 11, 2007

It's all about something

This is a blog about me, Zelda Rose. I am...

What am I? A crossdresser? Genderbender? Transgendered? Transsexual? All? None??

I was once described as "a crossdresser with transsexual leanings." This is not a fetish to me, or a sexual turn-on. It's where I feel comfortable, where I feel like I find something I really need.

I hate labels. But some people need them.

If I make you uncomfortable, sorry. You have the option to leave. I'm not.

This is my girlspace.

My thanks to my friend Gjorgett for giving me the name for this blog. It happened over lunch one day while shopping (or at least heavy window shopping).


  1. Zelda,

    I love the name of your new blog! Very fitting. Now, do you have the answer to the 'Universe and Everything'?? LOL!!

    Take care dear sister. I think of you often!

    Huggs, Monique

  2. Nope, definitely not uncomfortable. In fact I have a transgendered friend I see sometimes in my local cafe where I do my writing. People can freak out for the silliest of reasons, which is only fitting since so many people are silly.

    Keep blogging, Z!

  3. Zelda,

    First, its always fab to hear from you, so keep on bloggin'!
    I guess it comes as no surprise that I say, nah - not uncomfortable at all. I identify with the question you posed. Heck, I am sure most like us have pondered which of those labels best describes us. For some it may be easy and straight forward, but I am sure there are many who identify with aspects of two or more of those definitions. making the decision about which is more applicable can be the defining moment. This experience is such an individual thing, and for me, I don't try and us labels as a defining thing. If someone says to me "I am a .....", then it helps me understand where they see themselves, helping me identify with them in one way or another. Ultimately though, it is the quality of the person - their attributes, personality and values that truly defines who they are and whether they are someone I would like to know.
    For what its worth, and whilst we haven't met in person, from what you express and your kind coments to me from time to time do display the attributes that so many in "normal" society could do well to possess. You keep going sis!

    Mwah! Angie xx


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