Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A brief questionaire, if you please?

What is your female name? Zelda Belladonna Rose.
How long have you been Zelda? Since 1998.
What do you consider yourself? Transgendered? A crossdresser with transsexual tendencies? Who cares?
Sexual preference? Bi, with lesbian tendencies.
Do you consider yourself a male or female? Yes.
Do you cross-dress for a sexual thrill? Not anymore
Do you have other fetishes? This is not a fetish, and my fetishes are numerous.
Are you a closet CD or have you come out? Out, mostly. I am not out to my mother and a few other people. I do go out in public dressed, because the idea of just dressing up to sit around a hotel room is ridiculous.
Could you pass for a woman? I pass as Zelda, that is all that matters.
...article of women's clothing?
...purse? Either my Craig Morrison spikey latex heart-shaped backpack or my silver metal box purse.
...pair of women's shoes? Black patent mary jane flats from Hay-Way Shoes.
...kind of lingerie? Lacy.
...make-up? MAC, baby!
...drink? Cosmos or martinis Sushi!
...cities to visit? Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, NYC, London.
Panties or thongs? Panties.
Thigh highs, knee highs, stockings or pantyhose? Stockings.
Skirts or dresses? Dresses.
Bra or bustier? Bra.
Swimwear: bikini or 1-piece? Victorian bathing costume.
Night out with girl friends or CD friends? Either.

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