Saturday, October 9, 2010

Little Zelda's trip to Southern Comfort, part five

The story continues...


The "big day" at Southern Comfort. Saturday is things like the pool party, the big cocktail party, the formal dinner, keynote and entertainment. It's the last day, and everyone makes the most of it...

I got up at a reasonable (for me) hour, skipped the seminars. Instead, socialized and went back to Perimeter Mall to pick up some make up. Remember the faux Bebe watch I saw Wednesday? It was still there and the owner of the stall was ready to haggle. I paid him about what I expected to-less than his tag price-and we were both happy. Tried to find some boots at Nordstrom but their size choices were limited. I guess all their big shoes end up in Dallas...

I went to a mall on a Saturday alone. And had no problems. I know people who would never, ever imagine going to anyplace beyond their own comfort zone-their home, their support group, etc. Maybe that's okay for them, but I need to do more. I've stopped finding bars that much fun anymore. But going out to dinner? Shopping? Yes.

Oh, and I broke another pair of sunglasses. Yes, cheap ones, don't cry over them but at this rate I ought to just buy one nice pair and keep track of them...

I'd decided when I was packing for the trip that I was going to wear a nice little black dress for Saturday night. I didn't have a ball gown, my sequined dress has a rip in it, and I didn't want to buy something new. Simple, right?

And then I go to the vendor's room and talk to the owner of Timeless Trends because I wanted a new corset.  Out of curiosity I tried on an overbust style corset. I don't usually get overbust styles because, well, I don't have a lot up there without some additions. But then I tried on one that had a smaller cup size and I got an idea...

So, throw out the planned outfit for dinner. And decide that my little inner goth is going to come out. Because, well, I'd been such a good girl all week. Kinda.

Now, if you're wondering how a somewhat flat-chested person fills out the top of a corset? Tape, makeup, padding, and that corset certainly help. A fishnet bodystocking conceals enough but still gives you the illusion of showing off. A lace layered skirt from Torrid, black patent boots from Electrique Boutique. Finish the look with a black and red streaked wig, dark eyes and red lips (MAC Russian Red, thank you). Take a step back, and yeah, this works.

The look worked-lots of compliments. Not formal, kinda wild, but you know, I liked it.

Dinner was not bad, the end-of-the-conference thank yous were brief, and we had a break until the night's entertainment arrived so we all took a break in the bar, got drinks, and chatted. Oh, and I stole a rose from the centerpiece and hid it someplace nobody would ever notice:

Don't tell, okay? 

The entertainment was ventriloquist Mark Merchant, who had flown in from Italy (he was doing shows on a cruise liner). I'm not a huge fan of the art, but he was funny and his first couple of puppets were fun. And then he brings out his last one, an older lady.

Named Zelda Rose. Really. 

Okay, I knew about this because people had been wanting to tell me about this so I wouldn't be upset. And of course, other people did NOT want me to know so I'd be surprised. Neither group was pleased because I really did take it in stride. Actually, Mark was far more surprised when I introduced myself after the show!

And FYI, "Zelda Rose" is less unique than I thought. She's a Muppet. She's also a twenty-three year old model. And a training manager in South Africa. There are twenty-seven Zelda Rose's on Facebook. Among others. But as far as I have been able to learn I am the only TG Zelda Rose, and that pleases me. 

Afterward, I drove over to The Jungle for the Skin Two Ball. I was only going because I needed to get out of the hotel for a while, and I was dressed appropriately. These aren't usually my kind of things to go to; unless you are going with a group you know it's not much fun. You get to see lots of fetishwear and pretty people but you can't socialize much. I did show up, waited in a very long line to get in, found a friend who was there and who told me that someone I'd been hoping to see was there-and that I needed to know exactly what they were wearing...

So I walked around until I found a pair of latex aliens (catsuits, hoods with breathing apparatus) and told the shorter one "I know you." She shrieked my name and gave me a hug; we hadn't seen each other in years but it was like yesterday. She took her hood off and still looks fabulous (even sweaty!). She's a prodomme, and no I won't tell you who she is. 

There was one downside-she'd had a bit to drink and frankly it was hard keeping her focused. But she's a nice drunk, and her friends were going to make sure she got home. We did reexchange contact info so hopefully we'll keep in better touch! After that, I lost interest after being blown off by someone who was more interested in their own attention, made my goodbyes and left. Spent a little while talking to people but ended my night earlier than I'd thought...

Next, Sunday, travel, and what did we learn. Really.

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