Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SCC 2009-only two months late!

Either I feel like writing about the Southern Comfort Conference as soon as it's over, or I end up waiting a while. It is not a matter of how much fun I had, rather what sort of mood I am in after the convention. This year? I went through some ups and downs and I'm in kind of a mid point so...

Observations from SCC 2009:

* We are finally getting used to the Crowne Plaza, which I still want to call "the new hotel." I still miss the old venue (Sheraton Colony Square, now the W Atlanta Midtown). It was in a good location, within either walking distance to places or a relatively short drive. The Crowne Plaza is on the northwest side of Atlanta and while there is a great mall across the road (Perimeter Mall) and stores and places to eat within a short drive, everything else requires a drive on the Interstate or GA400. And rush hour in Atlanta lasts almost all day...

* The convention ended up with about as many memberships as last year. But about 40% of those were new attendees. We need more new people coming to SCC but we need to retain as many of our regulars as possible.

* Driving from Dallas to Atlanta takes about 13 hours. If you don't have to avoid a flood, that is. I rode with someone this year, and while it was not that bad of a trip, flying is still a better option other than you can carry anything you want in a car. Speaking of cars, not having one sucked-I spent the entire convention either in the hotel or at the mall. I didn't get to go down to Little Five Points, Outwrite Books, etc.

* I missed a lot of people this year-both who attended and who did not. I regret not being able to catch up with people I don't get to see anyplace else. Part of this was having too many things going on, and part of it was deciding to spend time with people who I felt comfortable with.

* Only went to one seminar-after telling myself I was going to make as many as possible this year.

* Spent less time with the "pervy" girls this year. Mostly because I can't fit into a lot of my old stuff and partly because I just haven't felt connected to that part of me too much lately...

I know I missed something, but that's all that I can think of right now.

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