Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catching up with the postman

I haven't written a lot lately. I had eye surgery two weeks ago, and it will be another week or two before I try applying makeup. The surgery was to remove a cataract; and yes I'm very young to be dealing with them. The plus is that now I have 20/20 vision; the minus is I have to wear reading glasses and use a magnifying mirror to apply eye makeup.

I have not been out in a while, and now I have to wait a bit longer. I really have been going through a bad self-image period, where I feel very...ugly. Eventually I'll work it out.

I've got twenty followers now. Who knew?

The English Lesson has gotten more responses than anything else I've posted here. And a few other people have added their own irritations. I'm glad I am not the only one who feels that way...

I am glad that I copied my Yahoo 360 stuff before they killed the service off. It was a service that had promise, but Yahoo never had a clue. And now, Yahoo is not even a search engine anymore.

Oh, and what's so great about Ping? I've used it, and I don't see that it does much better than Google. The only thing I like so far is that its air travel search also uses Farecast's price forecasting algorithm. If you've never used it, it predicts air fares over time and advises you to buy now or wait for a better price. But I prefer Kayak to search for prices.

And the weather has been blistering hot.


  1. Sorry about the eyes. A friend thought he was too young at 62 to get this done but already he can read better without glasses than I can with! As a team we are great!

    Eye have only one good I, oops that's not right. See what happens when you only have one good eye, a real handicap if you ever wanted to apply any makeup near eyes! Wish you luck with that one, let us know how you manage.

    Caroline X

  2. I know some of how you feel. I've been having some self-esteem issues as well. I just wrote a blog about it, in fact. I don't feel ugly, it's more of a confidence thing. You are NOT ugly by the way, unless you touch-up or "photoshop" your photos. :) I think it can be a declining spiral, staying inside because of self-esteem issues. I think that after some time, these issues may get worse unless you get out there and have some positive (or at least not negative) experiences. It's hard though. I wish you the best!

  3. Appropo to nuttin', but no, I won't be at SCC this year. Not unless I get laid off and win the lottery. And even then, I think I'll probably have other things on my mind anyway. Mebbe next year?

  4. Damn I will miss you Ronnie, but I understand. Next year then.

  5. Hi dear, I've just started following your blog. you seem to be following similar stuff. a little bit of a nerd + a little bit of a fashionista.
    lol and I think its Bing instead of Ping? It's supposedly taking into account the time of day as well as your history of searches. so it won't have an obvious benefit till you use it more.


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