Friday, July 6, 2007

The Space Between

I have not been posting much of anything lately. But I have a good excuse.

I had to have eye surgery recently. No, nothing to worry about, things went well but it takes time to adjust to things and my vision for reading has not been great.

Another thing has been a situation with my employment. That too will work out. Hopefully soon.

I got a wonderful compliment from Angie Demaskau while we were chatting on Yahoo IM today. She said she liked reading my blog. And I'm vain enough to like it when people tell me they like my writing.

She also said she thought I was accessible and balanced. I hope I'm accessible. As for being balanced, that might be a stretch...


  1. Believe or not but after soooo long time I moved my lazy butt and read your blog... shame on me... I wish you fast comeback to full health! Your blog is cool! I enjoy your ironic humor, it is rare thing! Keep it as it is! I promise, move my butt here more often!
    Lazy Arrakis ;)

  2. hey Zelda, see I'm not the only one who enjoys your thoughts and postings. Lady A is another who I have a lot of time for and respect very much, and it seems that she also enjoys what you have to say!

    Hope you recover quickly andal goes well hun. As for the job front, someone will snap you up!


    Angie xx


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